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  3. Get Plugged In https://mylifewise.biz/
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The first 48 hours are about getting you setup to start qualifying for commission. Contact every network marketer you personally know, and invite them to our sales page. Your goal is sponsor one so you can qualify for commissions.

Listen to every one of Tracy Biller’s CDs at least once, taking notes, start with the ‘Momentum’ CD, then the 90 Day Blitz. You will gain an understanding about why the strategies and tactics we’re using are so effective, learn about the psychology of the 30 second pitch and the powerful concept of the 90 day blitz.

Pick your starting date for your fist 90 day blitz and get on the phone.

Dial from a list of network marketers, make the 30 second pitch, and share the information (see below). A good goal is to deliver the pitch to at least 10 live people daily. If delivered properly as taught on the Ultimate Success CD’s you should get about 3 people to agree to look at our information.

Build your business in intense 90 day blitz’s. Learn about the power of this strategy on the Ultimate Success CD’s. Monitor your yes ratio and if it is much below 30% seek help.

Make the 30 Second Pitch
(memorize, don’t read)

Hi {joe networker} this is {your name} from my home office in {your city}. Hey listen, we don’t know each other personally but it appears we’ve both been in network marketing…

… don’t worry, I didn’t call to give you a sales pitch. I just wanted to ask you a quick question…

… I was wondering if it’s possible if you might be open to taking a look at a winning opportunity, if so I’d be happy to shoot you over some free information right away?


Share the Information

While on the phone:

  1.  confirm their email and cell phone
  2. share our sales page
    ==> hopebrokers.us/

Immediately After the Call

  1. text them the Six Star zoom by Rob
    ==> hopebrokers.us/video

Within 24 Hours… followup

Close: see last 5 minutes of ‘Momentum CD’

— If ready to start:

  1. Discuss best path forward
  2. Direct them to your enrollment page:
    ==> lifewise.biz/{{your username}}/enrollment/step-2

— If more information required:

  1. Send them to our products page (product interest)
    ==> theproductline.com/
  2. Three way call to active upline